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8 February 2017Products

Carrying tinted or colored visors while riding to keep up with challenging weather condition can be a real hassle, due to the hard form and bulky size of helmet visors. Spotting this opportunity to develop a solution for motorcycle riders, we expanded the Pinlock insert lens range by to including colored insert lens options, that provides both clear fog free vision and interchangeability.

The Pinlock colored insert lenses are offered in a variety of colored options, such as light smoke, dark smoke, yellow and ProtecTINT. The colored insert lenses will be offered in the 70 and 120 performance level options and also in 100% Max Vision versions.

Pinlock options


The Pinlock light smoke insert lens allows more light to pass through, making it the ideal choice for riders to use during for riding in partially cloudy conditions.


Riding under the bright sunlight during summer can be really stressful on the eyes. The Pinlock dark smoke insert lens reduces intense sunlight which enables riders to have a more comfortable and fog free vision when riding.


Yellow tints are known for increasing contrast during gloomy weather. The Pinlock Yellow insert lens reduces glare and increases contrast, which enables riders to see more clearly.


When the Pinlock ProtecTINTâ„¢ insert lens come in contact with UV light (Sunlight), the insert lens automatically changes its tint from clear to a darker tint in a matter of seconds while keeping the helmet face shield fog-free.

Pinlock Pin options


Pinlock prepared visors come integrated with our special Pins system. The Pinlock Pins, which is designed to be eccentric, allows the Pinlock colored insert lens to be installed/changed seamlessly and also to be adjusted to fit the helmet visor perfectly, which results in clear uninterrupted fog free vision.

With the colored Pinlock insert lens option, riders will only need a clear Pinlock prepared visor, which usually comes with packaged with our partner helmets or is also available as an aftermarket add-on.

*Not advised to use while riding at night