Properly fitting protective gear is important for rider safety. When getting in an accident the correct placement of the build-in armour in motorcycle gear is important to deliver the highest amount of protection. Not all humans are alike and thigh as well as upper arm length will differ per person.

APS is an Adjustable Protection System that allows riders to adjust the placement of build-in armour to their specific body measurements. This will improve the performance of the protection and the comfort of clothing.

flexible material

The APS is created from flexible material which helps the protector keep intact by a possible crash.


The APS fits any standard protector with EN-1621-1 classification.


Easy click and slide system that connects the adjustable rail system to the inner lining of the clothing.


Adjustable rail system which easily let you adjust the position of the knee protector. There are 10 different positions.The APS system is connected to the protector.

Clothing inner lining

The APS system is easy to adjust with one hand and won’t be visible on the outside of the clothing.