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10 February 2017Partner

With the motorcycle market growing at rapid phase, the demand for rider gear such as motorcycle helmets has increased rapidly. To meet this demand, helmet manufacturers are constantly striving to push the envelope to develop new helmets with high safety features. One of these helmet manufacturers is 6D Helmets. Based in Brea California, the engineers at 6D helmets has spent nearly 3 years developing a unique helmet called the ATS -1.



6D helmet ATS-1
The ATS-1 is 6D’s full face helmet that features their unique patented Omni-Directional Suspension technology or ODS for short. 6D’s aim with the ATS-1 was to build the safest street helmet in the category while providing the rider with features superior to those found in most premium helmets out there.
The ODS system breaks new ground in brain protection, that works to isolate both angular acceleration energy and low-threshold energy transfer from the brain during crash impact. The ODS technology provides a superior solution to that of traditional helmet designs by means of its unique uncoupled dual-liner kinetic energy management system.



6D blueprint
With the slight gap created in between the dual EPS liners that houses the ODS system, 6D is able to create an advanced air flow management system within gap which that enables riders to adjust the airflow in the ATS-1 helmet that runs throughout the whole helmet. The function of the air flow management system is to help the flow of heat and moisture better from within the helmet, which in result would provide riders with a more cooling and well-ventilated feeling while using the ATS-1 in challenging riding conditions. The ATS-1 will sport 4 adjustable intake ports guide fresh air into the helmet where it is then managed by a network of 15 transfer ports and 5 exhaust ports to keep the air flowing.



Pinlock 6D ATS-1
The ATS-1 face shield features a number of functionalities. The Exclusive Articulating Shield Pivot systems enables the face shield to have a close and tight fit to the helmet shell when it is closed. The ATS-1 uses a locking face shield lever that will simplify face shield changeability without the use of tools.
To eliminate the possibility of face shield fogging in the ATS-1, 6D helmets have partnered up with Pinlock. Through this partnership, all 6D ATS-1 helmets will be fitted with Pinlock’s premium fog resistant solution, the Pinlock 70 insert lens.

The 6D ATS-1 is certified to exceed US DOT FMVSS 218 (United States), ECE 22.05 (47 Countries Worldwide), and ACU (United Kingdom) standards. The colors offered for the ATS-1 includes Matte Black Carbon, Gloss Black Carbon, Gloss White Carbon. For more information about the ATS-1, visit 6D’s website here.