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10 February 2017Products

As responsible motorcycle riders, we do make it a point to gear up when we head out for a ride. Even if it’s for a quick 10 minutes ride to the local cafe and back. However, there is a part that most riders miss to protect, the part that contributes to our 5 senses, the ears. Our ears do get exposed to a lot of loud noises when we ride. It may be from other vehicles on the road, loud exhaust pipes or other elements. But there is one type of sound that can be really damaging for the ears in the long term, Wind noise.



Wind noise is basically the movement of wind that creates noise when it hits a solid surface, which then gets picked up by our eardrums in the form of vibrations. These vibrations are measured in decibel or dB in short. The ideal dB point that our ears can take is from 0 dB to 80db. The wind noise level in most motorcycle helmets can average about 95dB to 105dB, when you are riding about 100 km/h, and it gets even higher the faster you go, which is far from healthy for your eardrums!



Motorcycle riders who are exposed to constant wind noise can suffer from hearing loss in the long term, which is permanent! Besides hearing loss, wind noise can also make riders feel fatigued more quickly and also affect the function of in-helmet intercommunications systems for riders who use them.

Pinlock earplugs


There are a number of ways that you can reduce wind noise and the effects that it comes with:


The type of helmet that you choose can impact the level of wind noise that you will face. Choosing a motorcycle helmet that has good aerodynamic characteristics can reduce wind noise efficiently, the easier it is for the wind to get around the helmet, the quieter the helmet will be.

Exterior features such as big forward facing air vents, visor seal gaps and exposed segments in the chin area can contribute to wind noise. The helmet brands that we are partnered with do offer a wide range of aerodynamic and quiet helmets, which also happens to be equipped with our world-renowned Pinlock anti-fog insert lenses!



Pinlock earplugs

Using earplugs is another effective way for reducing wind noise. Since earplugs are fitted directly to the earhole, it can drastically reduce the high vibration that wind noise produces! Besides equipping our partner’s helmets with the best anti-fog insert lenses, we also do offer other safety solutions, such as the Pinlock earplugs.

How do our earplugs differ from other earplugs on the market? Well, Pinlock earplugs are specially optimized for motorcycle riders, which means that it can drastically filter wind noise without muffling out important sounds, such as conversations, sirens and horns for emergency vehicles. This enables the rider to have a better sense of orientation, to react better to surroundings, feel less fatigued and protect their hearing,

Don’t put your hearing at risk from doing what you love, show you ears some love and keep them protected!