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Caberg Stunt

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Pinlock for Caberg StuntPinlock insert lenses for Caberg Stunt

STUNT is the full face from Caberg made of polycarbonate with a sporty look and compact design. It comes in two shell sizes to offer the best fitting proportion between the shell volume and the motorcyclist’s head size. STUNT is equipped with a double visor system (Double Visor Tech) that thanks to the integrated sunshade visor, easy to use, allows always to ride with the perfect light and maximum safety. The sunshade visor is anti-scratch treated, while the outer clear one is treated anti-scratch and prepared to fit the Pinlock lens. Pinlock Caberg Stunt insert lenses are the premium anti-fog solution. Equip your Caberg Stunt helmet visor with our extended insert lens options. The Pinlock insert lens options offered include the Pinlock 70 Clear.