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Shoei Neotec

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Pinlock for Shoei-Neotec

Pinlock insert lenses for Shoei Neotec

The new Neotec is turning the motorcycle world upside down. With the new Neotec, we managed to create a completely new flip up-helmet with integrated sun visor, without sacrificing the safety by decreasing the thickness of the EPS-liner in the front part, like most of the competitors. The Neotec also features many sophisticated developments to reduce the overall noise of the helmet, for example the integrated “vortex-generator” to actively reduce wind noise. Pinlock Shoei Neotec insert lenses are the premium anti-fog solution. Equip your Shoei helmet visor with our extended insert lens options. The Pinlock insert lens options offered include Pinlock EVO in clear, ProtecTint and Pinlock 70 in colored lenses.