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Shoei X Spirit III

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Pinlock for Shoei-X-Spirit-III

Pinlock insert lenses for Shoei X-Spirit III

When going flat out on a MotoGP bike, you do not have any time to take care about issues with your helmet. This was one of the main targets during the development of the X-Spirit III. The helmet should be perfect for racing, and nothing else. With the extreme ventilation performance and the highly sophisticated aerodynamic system, the X-Spirit III is your perfect companion to take the top place on the podium. Pinlock Shoei X-Spirit III insert lenses are the premium anti-fog solution. Equip your Shoei X-Spirit III helmet visor with our extended insert lens options. The Pinlock insert lens options offered include Pinlock EVO in clear, ProtecTint and Pinlock 70 in colored lenses.