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Scorpion EXO 2000 Air

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Pinlock for Scorpion-Exo-2000-Air

Pinlock insert lenses for Scorpion EXO 2000 Air

The Scorpion helmet range, whilst focusing on technological advancements, also focuses on the more core expectations of today’s biking fraternity, style, quality, and fit. To that end, they’ve hired some of the most famous names in motorcycle helmet design and are able to control their entire production process, by manufacturing all elements of the helmet themselves, in their own production facilities. Fitting perfectly into the specially depressed area of the face shield of the Scorpion EXO 2000 air, the Pinlock® creates continuous air pressure through the compression force, which in turn stops condensation – and thus fogging – from occurring even when the temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the helmet increases. Pinlock Scorpion exo 2000 air insert lenses are the premium anti-fog solution. Equip your scorpion helmet visor with our extended insert lens options. The Pinlock insert lens options offered include the 100% Max Vision Pinlock 70 in clear and colored lenses.