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100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 for Arai VAS-V IC

The 100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 fog resistant insert lens for the Arai is developed to be used in high demanding conditions such as on the racetrack or adventure riding. The Pinlock 120 insert lens has proven its extreme performance in premier racing series like MotoGP, WSBK, Formula 1 and more.


*Please be aware: This Pinlock insert lens is only compatible with the Arai VAS-VIC stamped on the face shield and that are Pinlock prepared.


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Pinlock lenses for Arai helmets are exclusively available through resellers. For availability please contact the reseller directly. Please mention the Pinlock product number DKS 159

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Our top of the line fog resistant solution for professionals, developed to eliminate fogging in demanding weather conditions. The Pinlock 120 creates a double shield system through a silicon seal between the helmet face shield and Pinlock insert lens, which makes up a double glass type of solution that prevents fogging. The insert is made of a moisture absorbing plastic and therefore, the surface basically dry when used. This air-tight pocket ensures that the difference in temperature becomes significantly lowered. The Pinlock insert absorbs moisture on the inside and offers you continuous clear visibility. The Pinlock 120 insert lens is commonly used by professional riders competing in premier racing series such as MotoGP, World Superbike Championship (WSBK), Isle Of Man TT and more! The lens is offered in a custom fit size that can be found in top range helmets on the market.


100% Max Vision Pinlock 120 insert lens is compatible with the Arai VAS-V IC stamped on the face shield and that are Pinlock prepared.

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