About us

Birth of our core technology

Can you imagine riding a motorcycle without being able to see clearly? Many years ago, there was nothing much you could do about a fogged visor, but to open it. Exposed to the elements, new risks would appear, making the activity of motorcycling in challenging conditions even less safe. Our founder Derek Arnold, at the time a motorcycle helmet distributor in the Netherlands, knew all about it. His clients loved his helmets but hated the foggy sight during colder and humid rides.  

Derek was triggered by the challenge and fully devoted to find a solution. While being inspired by the thermal insulation principle of double glazing, he set out to develop a system that performed beyond the double lens principle. The integration of moisture absorption capabilities in the lens material changed everything, enabling fog-free vision for an extended period. In many iterations, Derek improved upon the concept, leading to what would become the Pinlock® technology, the world’s first true anti-fog solution for motorcyclists. The invention was crowned Best Dutch Invention of the Year. The simplicity of the solution, its effectiveness and most of all the improvement of the rider safety as a result from it, made the jury decide to award Pinlock. Since that time, millions of motorcycle riders worldwide have used Pinlock lenses to keep their sight crystal clear, including the best of the best in MotoGP and Formula 1.


Continuous improvement

In past years our Pinlock Tech Team has worked on numerous improvements. Developing new moisture absorbing materials, based on the latest insights from science and focusing on seamless integration into the helmets of our customers. This determination resulted in three types of Pinlock performance levels, full visor covering insert lenses with the MaxVision technology, advanced color filters and sun shades. Setting the bar was one step, repositioning it forward and by doing so improving the safety of millions of riders all over the world has become our ultimate goal.