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AGV Pista-GP-RR visors

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Pinlock 120XLT®
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Environments can change, so having the right lens for any condition can be very useful.

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This lens fits the following helmets

AGV Corsa-R

AGV Pista-GP-R



There is so much more that goes into our lens than meets the eye

Pinlock 120XLT®

Maximum performance with the best light transmittance. Contains the same material components as used in MotoGP and Formula 1. The best lens available.

Anti-fog technology

A Pinlock® lens is based on two key principles to ensure a fog-free vision. The moisture absorbing surface of the lens effectively attracts and stores water molecules, while the airtight seal creates a thermal barrier together preventing condensation of the visor.

MaxVision technology

MaxVision offers wide-screen fog-free vision that maximizes the field of vision. When fitted the MaxVision Pinlock® lens integrates with the visor. This is due to the special recess area that is designed in the visor.

Pinlock XLT® technology

Pinlock® XLT® lenses allow for a higher light transmittance across the broad spectrum of the visual light. Colors appear brighter and more natural. Pinlock XLT lenses can be used during daytime and nighttime in compliance with the ECE 22-06 helmet standard.

Tear-off Pin

Developed for the track and used in most racing helmets. Designed to hold tear-off sheets.