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Arai Tour X visors

Fog performance level
Pinlock 120
Lens color
Dark Smoke
Suitable pins
Arai specific pin
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Made for

This lens fits the following helmets

Arai Tour-X3

Arai Tour-X4

Arai XD4


There is so much more that goes into our lens than meets the eye

Pinlock 120

From the racetrack to the road. Contains the same material components as used in MotoGP and Formula 1. Proven on the track it will keep you focused in even the toughest conditions.

Anti-fog technology

A Pinlock® lens is based on two key principles to ensure a fog-free vision. The moisture absorbing surface of the lens effectively attracts and stores water molecules, while the airtight seal creates a thermal barrier together preventing condensation of the visor.

Arai specific pin

Developed by the helmet manufacturer to fit a Pinlock® lens that is specifically designed for this helmet or visor.