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Nitro Pinlock 70 prepared visors

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Pinlock 70
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This lens fits the following helmets

Nitro Aikido-Uno

Nitro Ballistic

Nitro Dynamo

Nitro Evo-Carbon

Nitro F341-VN

Nitro F342-E

Nitro F343-Elite-DVS

Nitro F345-UNO-DVS

Nitro F346-VN

Nitro F350-Uno

Nitro Kenshi

Nitro MX-671

Nitro N501

Nitro N1120-VN

Nitro N1600-VN

Nitro N1610-VN

Nitro N1700-VF

Nitro N1900-VF

Nitro N2000-Pioneer

Nitro N2000-Uno

Nitro N2100-Cypher

Nitro N2100-Uno

Nitro N2200-Uno-DVS

Nitro N2300-Uno-DVS

Nitro NP-1100-F

Nitro NP-1100F-Apex

Nitro NP-1100F-Synapse

Nitro NRS-01-Camber-DVS

Nitro NRS-01-Torque

Nitro NRS-1-Uno-DVS

Nitro NSFP-Uno

Nitro Patriot

Nitro Reactor-Luxe

Nitro Tattoo-Luxe


There is so much more that goes into our lens than meets the eye

Pinlock 70

The original Pinlock lens. Two decades of fine tuning resulted in the perfect lens for daily commutes and weekend rides. Available in combination with MaxVision technology for stunning wide view.

Anti-fog technology

A Pinlock® lens is based on two key principles to ensure a fog-free vision. The moisture absorbing surface of the lens effectively attracts and stores water molecules, while the airtight seal creates a thermal barrier together preventing condensation of the visor.

Clear Pinlock® lens

Our clear lens is compatible with all Pinlock prepared visors in all varieties. Keeping your sight perfectly fog free. In most of the helmets our clear lens is included in the box.

One Component Pin

Easy does it. One piece pin with an excentric shape to adjust the tension on the lens.