Fog performance levels

Three fog performance levels to match your ride

Pinlock® lenses are available in three different performance levels: 30, 70 and 120. From the weekend rider to the racing professional, Pinlock offers the perfect lens for your ride.

Pinlock30 lens

The entry level Pinlock lens. No compromises on the core technology, just smaller in size and moisture absorbing capacity. This is the performance level needed for your city rides.

Anti-fog performance
One design only
Pinlock 70 lens

Two decades of fine tuning resulted in the perfect lens for daily commutes and weekend rides. Available in combination with MaxVision technology for stunning wide view.

Anti-fog performance
Visor specific design
Other lens colors:
Pinlock 120XLT lens

From the racetrack to the road. Contains the same material components as used in MotoGP and Formula 1. Proven on the track it will keep you focused in even the toughest conditions.

Anti-fog performance
Visor specific design
Other lens colors:
Colored lenses

Select the right lens for the right condition

Pinlock |  Yellow lens

Yellow lens

The yellow lens provides enhanced depth perception in overcast conditions. More contrast will help define objects on the road more clearly in rainy, cloudy or foggy conditions.

Pinlock |  Dark Smoke

Dark Smoke

The dark smoke lens reduces glare while providing still accurate color perception in medium to bright light conditions.

Pinlock |  ProtecTINT<sup>™</sup> Pinlock |  ProtecTINT<sup>™</sup> 2


The ProtecTINT lens changes the tint from clear to light smoke in sunny conditions. The photochromic molecules in the material of the lens naturally adjust to the brightness of the sun.


Easy placement and secure fitment

Pinlock One Component Pin
One Component Pin

Easy does it. One piece Pin with an excentric shape to adjust the tension on the lens. Commonly used on most helmets in the market.

Two Component Pin
Two Component Pin

Two press-fit components ensure a tight fit. The best usability for the end-user through a more intuitive and adjustment of the tension on the lens.

Pinlock Three Component Pin
Three Component Pin

The screw based Pin. Used because of the adjustment possibilities and easy installment options.

Pinlock Tear-off Pin
Tear-off Pin

Developed for the track and used in most racing helmets. Based on the Three Component Pin technology the outer part is designed to hold tear-off sheets.