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Helmet check

Is your helmet Pinlock-ready?


You can find out if your helmet is Pinlock-ready by checking if your helmet has Pinlock pins in the visor.
If it does not, check to see that your visor has the little holes to accommodate the pins.

If your visor has no holes, you will not be able to use Pinlock lenses and the Pinlock Overlay.


With orders of Pinlock lenses, the pins to mount them are not included. If you don’t have the pins yet, you can order them via our webshop. For the Overlay however, the pins are included.

Please note that your helmet visor needs to be equipped with holes to fit the pins.


At Pinlock we produce custom fitted lenses for hundreds¬†of types of helmets. Are you sure that the lens in your cart is the right one for your helmet model? If you’re not sure, please check out our lens finder.