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To install the Pinlock® Three Component pins, place the inner part of the pin on the inside of the visor. Then place the outer part on the outside of the visor, on top of the other side of the pin. Tighten the pins on the visor with the screw by using a PH1 screwdriver and 5 mm Hexagon. When installing a new Pinlock® lens, make sure that the indicator (little arrow) of the pin is facing outwards.


Please remove the Pinlock® lens before adjusting the Pinlock® Three Component pins.
Adjust the pin by turning them from the outside using a small screwdriver. Increase the tension on the lens by turning the indicator more inwards.

When the silicone bead of the Pinlock® lens makes a full seal all around the lens and the visor, the adjustment is complete. Does your lens not make a full seal with your pins at maximum tension? Feel free to contact us at info@pinlock.com.